Blizzard Introduces Another New Store Pet To The Game Included In A Dragon Themed Bundle

Blizzard has released a new baby Faerie Dragon Pet, which is called Blinky which can be found in the Blizzard Shop for $10 USD (or Euro).

Blinky is also a part of the new Dragon Pack, which bundles together 5 store mounts, Blinky, and the Soul of the Aspects pet for a reduced price of up to 60% off.

Players who own part of the items already will have the price reduced upon checkout, so they do not miss out on the deal.

Blizzard has been under fire this year releasing more store items than ever, such as the Sunwarmed Furline mount, or the new store Transmog set which looks better than new tier sets, which all come as World of Warcraft suffers a serious lack of content and extended patches.

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Blizzard Introduces Another New Store Pet To The Game Included In A Dragon Themed Bundle

Blizzard can sometimes introduce store items that hint at themes coming in the next expansion, with players now talking about the possibility of the dragon isles finally coming to World of Warcraft, if this is to be true, however, this is merely player conspiracies and we will need to wait until a complete announcement.

The Dragon Isles are suspected to be a piece of scrapped content from earlier in World of Warcraft's history, which has been referenced by Blizzard in a few pieces of media such as the 2014 Documentary "Looking for Group".

All that was known as this island was north of Tirisfal Glades and expected to be a 65-70+ raid zone.

Many players also believe one of the Dragonflight leaders could have ties to the island.

This is all speculation based on little information over the past 17 years, but it is definitely a real concept and players have been talking about it for a while, so we can't rule out the possibility of it ever happening.

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