World Of Warcraft's New Store Transmog Set Looks Better Than New Tier Sets In Eternity's End And Players Aren't Happy

Today Blizzard added two new Transmog items to the shop, including a full celestial-themed set with unique animations and baby Murloc back pieces.

As always, players were quick to criticize the sets as store items as the vocal minority of players who voice their opinions of the game online are all heavily against store items, and this time they have more of a reason than ever to be against these new items.

Last week patch 9.2 Eternity's End was announced and the return of Tier Sets was one of the biggest features players are looking forward to.

Unfortunately, this new Celestial Observer's Ensemble store Transmog looks better than many of these new Tier Sets and even has unique animations that are not available on any other set in the game, which has angered players.

Some of the Tier sets coming in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands patch 9.2 Eternity's End, which doesn't look as good as the new store transmog.
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
Some of the Tier sets coming in Eternity's End

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World Of Warcraft's New Store Transmog Set Looks Better Than New Tier Sets In Eternity's End And Players Aren't Happy

While we still have YouTube dislikes available, we can see by the reaction to the video just by the number of dislikes it has received.

The Dislike ratio on the new World of Warcraft Transmog Store set bundle shows players dislike the new items.
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Credit: World of Warcraft - YouTube
YouTube Dislikes on the new Store transmog video.

Players have also taken to Reddit and the forums to discuss their displeasure with the new Celestial set looing better than new tier sets.

Players are more so disappointed that despite the lack of content going into the Shadowlands, Blizzard's paid promotion cycle hasn't taken a hit, and more store cosmetics are coming to the game than ever.

It has currently been less than a month since the release of the last store mount to World of Warcraft, which was heavily criticized as well.

The baby Murloc back piece is overshadowed by the celestial set, but as a single back piece, it is not quite as bad but is also only $5 cheaper and a part of the 6-month bundle now.

Many players speculate that the baby Murloc back piece was meant to be a reward from this year's Blizzcon, but since the cancellation has decided to just add it into the game.

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