Warframe Nightwave: Nora's Choice - Everything You Need To Know

Warframe's Nightwave is a pirate radio station hosted by Nora Night that serves as a unique Syndicate system, offering various rewards through story episodes that further expand upon Warframe's lore. It consists of daily and weekly challenges that players can complete to earn Nightwave Standing, which is used to rank up through Nightwave's 30 levels, earning a specific reward in each one.

Warframe Nightwave - How does it work?

Nightwave's Acts menu
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How to Play
The Nightwave Menu can be accessed from either the Orbiter's Navigation console or on the Main Menu, through a banner on the lower right corner of the screen. Players can also interact with the Orbiter's Radio Scanner. The Menu will display the various Weekly and Daily Objectives that you will need to achieve to level up and another submenu with the Cred Offerings.

Every level grants unique rewards, and unlike with traditional Syndicate standing, Nightwave standing is only used to increase Nightwave ranking, with any leftover standing upon leveling up being carried over to the next level. Upon reaching Rank 30, players start gaining standing in Prestige Ranks. Each subsequent rank-up will then unlock 15 Cred, a special currency to be spent in Cred Offerings. The amount of additional ranks varies between Series.

Acts - Daily and Weekly Objectives
Acts are challenges that players can complete to earn Reputation to increase their rank in Nightwave. They fall under three categories: Daily, Weekly, and Elite Weekly. Daily Challenges are, like the name indicates, introduced daily with each one lasting up to 3 days, while 5 Weekly and 2 Elite Weekly Challenges are introduced on a weekly basis and last up to 7 days.

Different tiers also indicate different levels of difficulty, with Daily having the easiest tasks, and Elite Weekly having the most difficult ones. All Daily Challenges reward ‍1,000 Reputation, Weeklies reward 4,500, and Elite Weeklies, ‍7,000.

Cred Offerings
Apart from the rewards, Nightwave also features a Cred Offering store, where players can purchase various items, like Vauban components, Orokin Catalysts and Reactors, Nitain Extract, Mods, Blueprints, Cosmetics, and Decorations. The shop's items rotate weekly.

Warframe Nightwave: Nora's Choice

Excalibur displaying a new Ephemera
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Nightwave Intermission 3 concluded, but Nora Night is back with another broadcast in Nightwave: Nora’s Choice, bringing back some of her favorite Rewards and introducing all-new exclusive ones, like the Ride The Wave Glyph or the Waveform Ephemera. Players can redeem 30 Rewards beginning today and for a limited time, and if you already own any of the unique items on the following reward list, 50 Nora’s Choice Cred will be awarded instead.

Warframe Nightwave: Nora's Choice - Ranking Rewards

Rank 1 - Reputation 10,000: 150 Nora’s Choice Cred
Rank 2 - Reputation 20,000: Transmission Color Palette
Rank 3 - Reputation ‍30,000: Two Weapon Slots
Rank 4 - Reputation 40,000: Eros Ephemera
Rank 5 - Reputation 50,000: Noggle Statue - Yareli and Merulina
Rank 6 - Reputation 60,000: 50 Nora’s Choice Cred
Rank 7 - Reputation ‍70,000: Three Forma Bundle
Rank 8 - Reputation ‍80,000: Orokin Reactor
Rank 9 - Reputation 90,000: Keratose Sugatra
Rank 10 - Reputation 100,000: Saturn Six Scene
Rank 11 - Reputation ‍110,000: 50 Nora’s Choice Cred
Rank 12 - Reputation ‍120,000: Three Forma Bundle
Rank 13 - Reputation 130,000: 20,000 Kuva
Rank 14 - Reputation ‍140,000: Rifle Riven Mod
Rank 15 - Reputation 150,000: Ride The Wave Glyph
Rank 16 - Reputation 160,000: 50 Nora’s Choice Cred
Rank 17 - Reputation ‍170,000: Weapon Exilus Adapter
Rank 18 - Reputation 180,000: Two-Handed Nikana Maligna Skin
Rank 19 - Reputation 190,000: Athari Liset Skin
Rank 20 - Reputation ‍200,000: Exposing Harpoon Augment Mod
Rank 21 - Reputation ‍210,000: 50 Nora’s Choice Cred
Rank 22 - Reputation ‍220,000: Ride The Wave Poster
Rank 23 - Reputation 230,000: Precision Strike Augment Mod
Rank 24 - Reputation 240,000: 50 Nora’s Choice Cred
Rank 25 - Reputation 250,000: Boolean Syandana
Rank 26 - Reputation ‍260,000: Arcane Energize
Rank 27 - Reputation ‍270,000: Three Forma Bundle
Rank 28 - Reputation ‍280,000: Frakta Shoulder Guard
Rank 29 - Reputation ‍290,000: Umbra Forma
Rank 30 - Reputation 300,000: Waveform Ephemera

And that's all you need to know about the Warframe Nightwave and its current episode, Nightwave: Nora's Choice! Good luck Tenno!

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