Warframe - Tennocon 2021 Attendance Breaks Records On Steam And Twitch

Warframe’s Tennocon 2021 is over, and it left a lot of juicy reveals and announcements for the upcoming content. Not only a new Prime warframe was revealed, but also the future expansion The New War was revealed, with 30 minutes of gameplay. Due to the exciting content showcased, the number of viewers passed half a million, breaking several new records for the beloved franchise.

Warframe players set a new in-game peak concurrency record for the franchise during the TennoLive Relay event, with hundreds of thousands of global players simultaneously sharing an experience together, which sent Warframe into Steam’s Top-Ten Highest Ever Peak Concurrency for a free-to-play game on the platform.

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Additionally, on Twitch, the player excitement for The New War preview was so high that Warframe is now the only game in Twitch's Top-Five Highest Peak Concurrent Viewer Streams of 2021, establishing a new Livestream best for the Canadian developer and publisher as the all-time most-viewed TennoCon in franchise history.

A 30-minute gameplay demo for the upcoming expansion “The New War” was shown, drawing more than 540,000 concurrent viewers and making it the most-watched Warframe stream of all time. Warframe secured the #1 chart position on Twitch for the day and reached the Top-Ten Global Twitter Trending category with the live broadcast featuring a highly anticipated gameplay world reveal of future content.

TennoCon 2021’s penultimate moments also took Warframe down a historical path during the TennoLive section, where an in-game Relay event destroyed former concurrent player records (and broke the event itself) to set a new all-time high record.

Warframe: The New War and other announcements

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The upcoming climax for Warframe’s current story arc will feature an all-out war with massive fights on all fronts, whether is Railjack territory or the Plains of Eidolon. You will have the chance to play as other faction’s characters for the first time ever across the Origin System, as the Grineer Kahl on the Plains of Eidolon, the Corpus Veso on a Corpus Station, and the Tenno mentor Tesshin, who displays some serious moves on a Sentient Mothership.

One of the most surprising announcements was also the announcement for Warframe Mobile, and even more surprising was the reveal of an upcoming Crossplay and Crossave function, now in development and for all platforms, something that players have been hoping for years.

With a lot of info and a 30-minute long gameplay demo, all this served as a glimpse for what’s coming later this year (yes, this very year!) on Warframe: The New War!

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