Warframe Epitaph Guide - How to Obtain, Craft, and Best Builds

Released in the Call Of The Tempestarii update, the Epitaph secondary weapon is Sevagoth's wrist-mounted sidearm. Epitaph uncharged shots fire explosive slabs with extreme Status Chance and a guaranteed Cold proc, while fully charged shots possess extreme critical chance and critical multiplier with punch through. Deals additional headshot damage in Sevagoth's hands.

Epitaph - Base Stats

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Accuracy - 80.0
Charge Rate - 80.0
Critical Chance - 48.0%
Critical Multiplier - 2.6x
Fire Rate - 1.50
Magazine - 1
Noise - Alarming
Reload - 2.0
Status - 4.0%
Trigger - Charge

Charged Damage
Impact - 120.0
Puncture - 45.0
Slash - 135.0

Quick Damage
Impact - 40.0
Puncture - 30.0
Slash - 30.0

Quick Shot Radial Damage

Falloff - 80.%
Range - 8.00
Blast - 20.0

Epitaph - How To Obtain & Building Requirements

This Epitaph's main blueprint and components can be acquired from Void Storm missions in Earth Proxima, Venus Proxima, and Saturn Proxima, with a drop chance of 10%.

Building Time - 12 Hours
Main Blueprint Price - None
Component 1 - 1 Barrel
Component 2 - 1 Receiver
Component 3 - 7 Orokin Cell

Epitaph - Mastery Requirements

You need to have a Mastery Rank of 8 to obtain and use this weapon.

Epitaph Best Builds

Epitaph - All-Rounder Build

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Forma Required: 4
Mod List
Exilus Mod - Lethal Momentum

  • Hornet Strike
  • Augur Pact
  • Lethal Torrent
  • Frostbite
  • Scorch
  • Pistol Gambit
  • Target Cracker
  • Barrel Diffusion

Nothing too complex to build, this Epitaph build is an all-rounder approach. Boost as much raw damage and Blast as you can, with improved Critical Chance + Critical Damage and Lethal Torrent for a better fire rate and Lethal Momentum so the projectile travels faster, allowing easier kills.

This weapon can be very versatile in combat and you should use it as it’s more convenient for you at the moment. Keep in mind that blast procs will knock you down if you use it too close to your warframe, so don’t be careless or that will cost you a revive on later stages of the game.

Note: To be fair with both new and veteran players, we will make builds that display the standard version of the mods involved. However, it is always advised to use the best version you can get, such as Primed, Umbral, or Riven mods.

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