Warframe: Prime Resurgence Comes This Week Ahead Of The New War

With the upcoming expansion The New War around the corner, Digital Extremes is introducing its first-ever massive Prime Unvaulting, called Prime Resurgence, to Warframe on November 16. Prime Resurgence will give you the chance to unlock a selection of the most powerful Prime Warframes in a limited-run event. Prime Resurgence will enable access to 18 Prime Warframes and gear previously retired from the in-game reward tables, ahead of the release of The New War in December.

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Warframe: Prime Resurgence - When Will It Release?

Beginning November 16, each week, you will unlock two Prime Warframes along with their signature Prime Weapons and Accessories from a new event shop located in the Maroo’s Bazaar market. The rotations are 8 with two bonus rounds where you will be able to obtain the previous rotations, as a last call before the expansion releases.

Warframe: Prime Resurgence - Event Details

Varzia, the shop’s new vendor, will help you unveil Prime Warframes using two new resources, Aya and Regal Aya, in exchange for Void Relics or fully built Prime Warframes, Weapons, and Accessories. A Prime Warframe, Weapon, or Accessory brings superior performance and other advantages over its non-primed counterpart, and during the limited-time unvaulting periods, old, retired Prime items can be earned in-game.

What makes this event special is that you never get access to such an amount of warframes at once, making the Prime Resurgence a great way to permanently improve your arsenal, significantly faster than ever before. Getting the necessary Aya and Regal Aya can be achieved in various ways:

  • You can gather Aya from specific missions and bounties.
  • Purchase Regal Aya

Once you obtained enough Aya, you can trade it for several items, like Prime Warframes, Weapons, or Accessories.

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Warframe: Prime Resurgence - The Prime Advantage Rotations List

  • Week 1 Rotation - November 16
    Mag Prime & Nova Prime
  • Week 2 Rotation - November 23
    Limbo Prime & Trinity Prime
  • Week 3 Rotation - November 30
    Mesa Prime & Hydroid Prime
  • Week 4 Rotation - December 7
    Volt Prime & Loki Prime
  • Week 5 Rotation - December 14
    Vauban Prime & Ash Prime
  • Week 6 Rotation - December 21
    Oberon Prime & Nekros Prime
  • Week 7 Rotation - December 28
    Saryn Prime & Valkyr Prime
  • Week 8 Rotation - January 4
    Ember Prime & Frost Prime
  • January 11 - Last Chance for Weeks 1 - 4
    Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime
  • January 18 - Last Chance for Weeks 5 - 8
    Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime

Warframe: Prime Resurgence - Week 1: Mag Prime and Nova Prime

  • Mag Prime - 3 Regal Aya
  • Nova Prime - 3 Regal Aya
  • Boar Prime - 2 Regal Aya
  • Dakra Prime - 2 Regal Aya
  • Soma Prime - 2 Regal Aya
  • Vasto Prime - 2 Regal Aya
  • Targis Prime Armor - 2 Regal Aya
  • Distilling Extractor Prime & Blueprint - 1 Regal Aya
  • Edo Prime Armor - 2 Regal Aya
  • Velorum Prime Sigil - 1 Regal Aya

And that's it! While you're here, you can check our Warframe Prime Items guide in case you want to learn more about Prime Warframes and the Prime Access and Vault Programs!

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