Warframe Guide: The Nights of Naberus Event

Warframe's Halloween event, called Nights of Naberus, returned this week with more spooky-themed skins, event weapons, glyphs, and even bat wings! For the second year in a row, Nights of Naberus brings an old scary story, told by the Grandmother of the Entrati family.

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What is Warframe Nights of Naberus?

In the spirit of Halloween and since 2020, Warframe brings a month-long celebration featuring various spooky rewards in the Nights of Naberus, an event themed after the ancient Orokin festival of death and mischief. This event will is now available to players on all platforms and you can get access to it by visiting Daughter in the Necralisk on the Deimos planet, where she is operating a limited time shop full of scary-looking items.

You can redeem these exclusive rewards in exchange for Mother Tokens, which you obtain running Bounties given out by the Mother of the Entrati family. Within the many rewards available you can find the Whispering Naberus Mobile, an Orbiter decoration that narrates Grandmother’s “ghost story” when interacted with, the powerful weapon Basmu, and the brand new Nyctalus Ephemera.

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Warframe Nights of Naberus - Rewards

The Nights of Naberus event brings several different rewards, covering from weapons and skins, to glyphs, decorations, and even the newly-introduced Nyctalus Ephemera, which looks like bat wings when our warframe wears them. The rewards list goes as follows:

Reward Name
Naberus Ephemera
45 Mother Token
Gram Day of the Dead Skin
90 Mother Token
Basmu Day of the Dead Skin
90 Mother Token
125 Mother Token
Ceti Lacera
125 Mother Token
Ballroom Simulacrum
55 Mother Token
Stinkeye Naberus Glyph
20 Mother Token
Rotting Naberus Glyph
20 Mother Token
Grapeskull Naberus Glyph
20 Mother Token
Hallow's Eve Color Palette
125 Mother Token
Voidrig Day of the Dead Skin
100 Mother Token
Grim Grin Naberus Sigil
5 Mother Token
Noggle Statue - Stalker
25 Mother Token
Whispering Naberus Mobile
100 Mother Token
Spinneret Ephemera
150 Mother Token
Nyctalus Ephemera
200 Mother Token

And that's all you need to know about this event! While you're here, you can check out our useful Yareli, Gara, and Sevagoth guides, or keep an eye on our Prime Vault and Prime Access guide so you don't miss on the returning and upcoming items!

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