Moss: Book II Launches in Spring 2022 on PSVR

Following a reveal last July, Polyarc has confirmed that Moss: Book II launches for PSVR in Spring 2022. Confirmed during yesterday's Upload VR Showcase, that brought us a brand new release trailer alongside it, closing out the announcements.

Just like the first game, you won’t be playing as the protagonist directly. Instead, you'll be directly assisting a young mouse called Quill, journeying to navigate puzzles, take down enemies and solve puzzles. This time around, Polyarc says we can expect a "longer, deeper" adventure.

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Moss: Book II Launches in Spring 2022 on PSVR

Initially launched back in 2019, the original Moss was a short but sweet adventure, widely considered one of PSVR's finest. Having successfully rescued Quill's uncle Argus, Book II picks up "right where things left off," as a winged tyrant begins hunting you down. You can watch the latest trailer below:

Unfortunately, there's still no word on whether it's coming to PC, Meta Quest or PS5 VR, though it's worth remembering that Moss originally launched first on PSVR before going elsewhere. Soon as we hear more, we'll be sure to keep you informed.

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