Is PlayStation VR Discontinued?

With Sony's announcement of PSVR 2 a few months back, it would be easy to think that the original PlayStation VR is discontinued, but it is worth noting that the headset does have some life left.

Here's what you need to know on the subject, plus some exciting news about what's on the way from Sony when it comes to VR.

Is PlayStation VR Discontinued?

In short, it doesn't look like the original PSVR has been discontinued by Sony just yet. It is still available to buy brand new, either as a standalone headset or within a bundle.

This proves that Sony still sees PSVR as a key part of its product lineup for the time being, especially given that they have begun to release PSVR games for free as part of their monthly PS Plus lineup. The pair on offer in November was Until You Fall and The Persistence, for instance.

When Will PlayStation VR Be Discontinued?

As it stands, there is no official word on when Sony plans to make the original PSVR an end-of-line product.

It would make some sense to see this coincide with the PSVR 2 release date as that headset will be exclusively for PS5.

In addition, if recent rumours are to be believed, PSVR 2 could be backwards compatible, which for PS5 owners at least, would render the original headset a little pointless.

However, in an interview with The Washington Post, the PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said it is likely that the original PS4 will be supported for up to four years following the release of the PS5.

It could therefore be the case that the original PSVR headset will be supported for that four year period and that owners of the hardware will get use of it until 2024.

Should You Wait For PSVR 2?

If you want to get the best VR experience possible on your PS5, then waiting around for the next generation of Sony's VR headset is likely to bring with it the best experience possible, especially given that it's being engineered to get the most out of the PS5's newfound power.

Its release date remains unconfirmed, but a recent report from insiders to Bloomberg has touted a release somewhere in the 2022 holiday season, by which time they say the PS5 shortage could also have eased.

This is particularly good news as it might mean you'll be able to pick up both pieces of hardware in one go, perhaps as a bundle and if you've been checking our PS5 stock tracker, you'll know that bundles are easier to come by than the standalone console.

However, if you are wanting to get the VR experience on your PS5 immediately, the original headset is still really the only option as PSVR does work with PS5 and brings with it faster load times, for instance.

We'd suggest waiting up for the PSVR 2 though if you want the best experience possible to maximise the power of your PS5.

We'll also be back with you soon with more VR news, so be sure to check back in with us soon, and don't forget, the Meta Quest 3 should be heading our way soon, too...

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