How To Add Multiple Accounts To Oculus Quest 2

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If you'd like to know how to add multiple accounts to Oculus Quest 2, then we've got you covered right here.

The Quest 2 allows you to have a total of four accounts, including the original admin account, and three other separate ones. Having different accounts can be pretty handy if more than one person is using the headset and you like different games.

One of you might be a fan of the best VR puzzle games, whilst another prefers to play a selection of the best VR horror games. Having multiple user accounts can keep things convenient, and you can choose whether to share your games between accounts.

So, without further ado, here's how to add multiple accounts to Oculus Quest 2.

How To Add Multiple Accounts To Oculus Quest 2

Here's our handy guide on how to add multiple accounts to Oculus Quest 2. Do note, this is currently an experimental feature, so this process may be removed or changed at any point.

Step 1

If it isn't already, turn on your Quest 2.

Step 2

Head into the Settings menu from the main startup screen by hitting the gear icon on the right hand side of the menu bar.

Step 3

Go into 'Experimental Features' and select the 'Multiple Accounts and Library Sharing' toggle which will enable it and turn the toggle blue.

Step 4

You should now see a new 'Accounts' section within the settings, and if you select it, you can then press 'Add Account' in the bottom right corner of the menu.

Step 5

how to add multiple accounts to Oculus Quest 2
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Credit: Beat Games
Adding multiple accounts allows you to share apps and games from the Oculus Store across them all including titles like Beat Saber

Once pressed, you'll then see an on-screen prompt to either share your apps to other accounts or keep them separate. This goes for content downloaded from the Oculus Store, which may also include games, so it may be a good idea to share apps.

Step 6

Once you've decided whether to share your apps or not and pressed Continue, you'll then have to hand the headset to the person whose account is being set up.

Step 7

They'll then have to follow steps that include linking a Facebook account, adjusting the headset so it fits properly and setting up a Guardian.

Once this is all sorted, then you should have that second account added. To add any more, simply repeat the steps above.

So, there you have it, that's how to add multiple accounts to Oculus Quest 2, and it looks like quite the easy process.

We'll be back soon with more VR guides, news and info and be sure to check back in with us, especially with some exciting games like Startenders and Lost Ember VR on the way, and potentially exciting headsets including PSVR 2 and Project Cambria.

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