SOHO Engine Trademarks Lead To Speculation That PlayStation Home Could Return For PSVR 2

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Over the last few months, Sony has continued to trademark "SOHO Engine" in a number of countries, and now fans are speculating that this is all leading up to a re-launch of PlayStation Home for PSVR 2.

As highlighted in a Reddit post, the SOHO Engine trademark was just updated this past week, being registered and published in the European Union.


This then led to the same Reddit poster noticing that in the Goods and Services part of the trademark, specifically section 45, it mentions "virtual reality content".

On top of that, when you compare the SOHO Engine trademark page with the PlayStation Home trademark page, you find they are both given the same representatives in Spain.

Now, this could very well just be Sony using the same legal representatives for both trademarks but with the added information about virtual reality content it does make us wonder if we could see PlayStation Home return for PSVR 2.

These kind of living, metaverse, social spaces are extremely successful right now, especially in VR with games and experience like VR Chat.

And, when you think about it, PlayStation Home does seem like a perfect fit for Virtual Reality, with you being able to interact with various features inside the social space.

We are expecting to get our first look at PSVR 2 sometime later this year or early next year, so be sure to stay tuned to see if PlayStation Home does end up making a comeback. For now though, keep up to date with the latest info in our PS5 PSVR hub.