Sony Trademarks New "Soho Engine" Ahead Of PS5 Launch

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A new trademark for a "Soho Engine" has been filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment in Europe.

As spotted by Gematsu, we don't have any idea what the tech could be, but its name could hint at its purpose.


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Sony Trademarks Soho Engine

While it could be anything, the name "Soho" conjures up images of long-dormant Sony IP, The Getaway.

Famously set in London and revolving and involving a Soho-based crime syndicate, the game was well-received enough to warrant a sequel in 2004.


Could the name of the engine be hinting at a new game in the franchise?

Whether this is for use by an existing studio or the start of something entirely new remains to be seen.

We also know that Sony has built a new first-party studio known as Visual Arts, formed of some of the best talents in the industry.

Could this engine be specifically to create top-tier content from that studio?


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