Ready At Dawn's Lone Echo II Is Coming To Oculus Rift This Summer

PlayStations fans will be more familiar with Ready At Dawn's work on the God of War: Origins Collection and The Order: 1886, but they've made a name for themselves in recent years with Virtual Reality.

After the success of 2017's Lone Echo, Ready at Dawn began working on Lone Echo II soon after, getting acquired by Oculus Studios last June. Featuring similar gameplay to its predecessor, this spacefaring sequel sees players freely move around zero gravity environments within a narrative adventure game.

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Ready At Dawn's Lone Echo II Is Coming To Oculus Rift This Summer

As part of last night's Oculus Gaming Showcase, Facebook released a new trailer. Set directly after Lone Echo, Captain Rhodes and Echo One find themselves 400 years into the future, discovering a mysterious space station which appears abandoned.

Facebook confirmed this anticipated sequel is coming to Oculus Rift this Summer. GFiven the previous was an Oculus Store exclusive, it seems a safe bet to assume this won't arrive on other PC platforms like Steam.

Sadly, a native Oculus Quest edition hasn't been announced, though if you've got a gaming PC setup, Quest owners can still experience this via Oculus Link.

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