Pistol Whip's Getting A Bullet Hell Mode And Style System

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Cloudhead Games' just lifted the lid on Pistol Whip's new Bullet Hell mode, alongside a new "Style System". Announced during last night's Upload VR Showcase, that promises deeper gameplay customisation options, going beyond the existing modifiers.

Previously, modifiers offered options like dual wielding guns, removing aim assist and one hit kills, but "Styles" take this a step further. That comes with three variables, such as weapon type, a selection of five modifiers - which range from bullet hell shooting to big headed enemies - and the intensity rating.


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Pistol Whip's Getting A Bullet Hell Mode And Deeper Gameplay Customisation

You can choose these once you've selected a scene (level) to play, letting you search for Styles based on these four categories: Basics, Featured, Trending and Favourites. To see this in action, you can find the new footage from last night's showcase down below.


Having launched in 2019, Pistol Whip's been one of VR's more successful ventures so far. Offering a rhythm shooter premise, it's received strong post-launch support and has since launched on Steam VR, Oculus Rift/Quest and PlayStation VR. Elsewhere in this showcase, we also got a look at Sniper Elite VR's X-Ray kill camera, and you can find out more here.