Valorant Yoru Rework: New Skills, Abilities, and All We Know So Far

Riot Games recently confirmed that a Yoru rework will be coming soon in Valorant. Yoru's abilities will be overhauled to be improved to help him in misdirecting his foes and keep them guessing with his abilities. The developers have also confirmed that this rework will also be arriving early next year

Valorant Yoru Latest News

December 12, 2021 -

Riot Games game and character designer Ryan "Rycoux" Cousart confirmed that they're planning to rework Yoru's abilities. This rework is aimed to help out Yoru achieve his plan of misdirecting foes with his abilities which is currently difficult to pull off on his own, especially against experienced players.

Valorant Yoru Rework Release Date

According to the official post, the Yoru rework is scheduled for release in early 2022. Developers are still working on all the changes they'll introduce for this character, hence giving out a release window instead of a solid release date.

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Valorant Yoru Rework Changes

So far, the developers have introduced two changes for the rework. Riot Games will be overhauling his Fakeout footsteps and Gatecrash Teleport ability.

The developers are planning to turn his Fakeout from noisy footsteps to full-on clones that will debuff foes on contact. As for the Fakeout's contact debuff, Riot have yet to decide. Prior to the rework, Fakeout has a niche use as this pseudo footsteps ability can be used to misdirect foes, create fake pushes, and trigger traps safely. Fakeout is currently difficult to use without prior conditioning or a committed plan.

On the other end, the Gatecrash teleport will have an increased travel speed, but will require a specific range to use the portal. Using the portal when out of range will trigger a fake teleport which can confuse foes near the portal. The fake teleports will play out the normal sounds and animation, but Yoru will not appear from the portal.

We'll be sure to update you with new information once the developers share more about the Yoru rework changes prior to his release.

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