How to Move Valorant to Another Drive Without Reinstalling

Wonder how to move Valorant to another drive? Although it isn't that heavy a game, space constraints are, as always, forcing players to look for ways to transfer their game files onto another drive. You could uninstall and reinstall the game on a different drive altogether. But that's not what most people are looking for.

With this guide, we'll be diving a bit deeper into the technicalities of shifting the entire game from one drive to another without reinstalling it.

How to Move Valorant to Another Drive

This method involves changing a few command lines here and there, but if you follow the instructions, there's no danger of causing any unintentional changes.

If you aren't sure of the process or don't feel comfortable, then for now, your only choice is reinstalling Valorant.

Once you're ready to give it a try, here's what you need to do.

  • Go to the drive where you've installed Valorant and the Riot Client.
  • Cut the “Valorant” and “Riot Client” folders and paste them into the drive you want to move the files to.
  • Open “C: Disk”
  • Click and open the “ProgramData” folder.
  • Open the “RiotClientInstalls.json” file using notepad.
  • Replace the path here with the new path (the path to the drive you've moved Valorant and Riot Client to) and save the file.
  • Go to the “Metadata” folder inside the “Riot Games” folder.
  • Open the “” folder.
  • In it, open the “” file using notepad.
  • Change the “product_install_full_path” and “product_install_root” lines with the new changed path and then save the file.

If you're having trouble making sense of the steps above, here's a video that can help you out with the process of shifting Valorant to another drive.

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