xQc Accidentally Buys New Valorant Skin After Calling It "Sh*t"

Twitch streamer xQc is again in the limelight for doing something that could be 'better said than done.' After expressing his dismay about the 2021 Valorant Champions skin just this month, he accidentally bought the new skin for the Vandal and knife thanks to a misclick he did while on queue.

DOT Esports reports that while the streamer browsed the in-game shop while waiting, he questioned why the new items are priced with such value. But after some rounds of clicking, xQc accidentally clicked the buy option making him own the skin he hates in the first place.

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xQc Accidentally Buys New Valorant Skin After Calling It "Sh*t"

Here is the clip showing how xQc went on from hating the skin to accidentally having it on his arsenal:

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But instead of being disappointed, the other streamers playing alongside him just laughed it off, also challenging him to be the top frag of the game since he already has the new Champions skin. Make sure to follow us for more Valorant news and updates as it happens.

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