"Its A Waste Of Time" - Rag Tagg Reveals Why Apex Legends Is BROKEN

Apex Legends Season 11 is at its peak, and players are finding it ridiculously difficult to solo queue in matches. The skill ceiling for this popular battle royale is defined by its unique movement mechanics, and in Season 11 there are too many players with impeccable game sense.

The competition in Apex Legends is now tenfold than what it was back in previous seasons, and this might force a lot of new players to quit the game. Players who are solo queuing find themselves in a 1v3 situation more often than not in Season 11.

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Rag Tagg Says Solo Queueing In Apex Legends Is A Waste Of Time

YouTuber Rag Tagg recently highlighted one of the unspoken facts revolving around the Apex Legends community in Season 11. He mentions how difficult it is for a player to solo queue in Season 11, especially when the random teammates do not communicate.

Most of the time random teammates land at polar ends of the map, and they leave the match right after getting knocked. When you have two random teammates where one bails and the other fails, then solo queuing does look like a waste of time.

Rag Tagg's humorous take on the struggles of a solo queueing player shows why it is absolutely necessary to communicate in a team-based battle royale like Apex Legends. Even if all three players are absolute beginners, communication and proper timing can fetch surprising results.

The truth remains that most players would rather quit the match before trying to revive or support their teammates. This is exactly the type of mentality Rag Tagg mocks in his recent video, and it serves as a stark reminder for players who are solo queuing.

Below is a video highlighting Rag Tagg's views on solo queuing

Do you think it is difficult to play as a solo player in Apex Legends battle royale? How would you ideally play a solo queue match where the teammates do not communicate?

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