Valorant's Ignition Series Matches Delayed As Riot Clamps Down On Cheaters

Valorant is still one of the hottest games on the planet, and as Act 2 approaches, it looks to get better and better.

However, with the game's Ignition Series event due to kick-off, Riot postponed the event due to concerns with participants cheating.

Valorant: Cheaters Rumbled?

According to Leon 'Aricune' Nexiri, the VALORANDOde Team Manager on Twitter, Riot pushed some matches back to check for cheaters.

Riot Games delayed games of the @WePlayEsport Ignition Series Tournament of some teams by a couple of hours, to clarify the situation and double-check everything with Vanguard and it's suspicion!
— Leon 'Aricune' Neziri (@ManagerVALORANT)
July 15, 2020

As it turns out, they were right to do so, with Liquipedia Valorant confirming that nolpenki, a team from Lithuania, had been removed from the competition.

The team had won their qualifier, and while this could be down to something like a scheduling conflict, there's always the chance that the team will be perma-banned should they be found to have been cheating.

Riot has long maintained that Valorant is built on competitiveness, with the game requiring a proprietary anti-cheat software known as Vanguard to be running in the background at all times.

Back in April, the developers offered a $100K bounty to anyone able to find bugs in the software.

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