Valorant: Latest Update v2.11 Will Buff Yoru And Fix Breeze Map

Valorant update v2.11 is scheduled to come out on 8th June, and fans can expect some massive changes coming to the game.

The publishers informed on 17th May that they will skip update v2.10 and commence directly with v2.11 on the aforementioned date. This was followed by a blog called the State Of Agents - May 2021 which addressed some of the Agent balance changes coming to the game.

Yoru, one of the recently introduced Duelists is speculated to get a major buff. Fans can also expect changes for Astra, Skye, and Breach. Riot Games informed the community through a post on Twitter about this upcoming change.

Valorant: Update v2.11 Expected Map Changes

Valorant update v2.11 is coming out tomorrow! Players can read the Patch Notes and a compiled list of changes here.

That being said, there is no confirmation about the server downtime. Riot Games usually issues patches around 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 BST - but this might be subjected to change.

The changes making headlines will be related to the recently introduced map Breeze and Yoru. However, fans are also expecting to see some modifications on Bind. This was shown in the Valorant Duality cinematic.

Some portions from current maps might also be modified. It is still not clear whether the changes shown in the cinematic will be replicated in real-time.

Nevertheless, players definitely want to see better map optimization, especially with big maps like Breeze. Consistent frame drops, bugs, glitch spots have plagued the Caribbean-themed map for far too long.

Breeze and Yoru were both hot-fixed after being temporarily disabled. The Agent and the map, whenever played together, makes for a toxic combination that would give Viper a run for her money!

Breeze is full of off-angles, too many to check all at once, it is indeed a great map. Although, players feel that there is always room for improvement. But, does this mean the end for Yoru's kit? Quite the opposite!

Yoru 2.0 - Smarter, stronger, stealthier

The Japanese Rift Walker's future remained uncertain even after his Gate Crash ability was hot-fixed. Players reported that the Agent feels too weak to be a Duelist.

Essentially, Yoru doesn't have any abilities in his kit that can deal any sort of damage. The best he can do is whip out a pop flash, and turn up at off angles using his teleport.

Since his kit cannot harm the opponent, Riot Games has decided to maximize the stealth aspect of Yoru's kit.

In the official blog, they mentioned that Yoru might get a balance change for his Fakeout ability. The blog also pointed out that the devs are looking to increase Yoru's power within his unique playspace. This might hint at a new change in his ultimate ability.

In all fairness, this is a much-needed change that players have been waiting for. Yoru is undoubtedly one of the best Duelists in Valorant. A buff will definitely favor more picks for this sneaky Agent.

Regardless, there is no confirmation about the exactness of this buff, Riot Games know how to hype up their player base before big changes are implemented.

To conclude, players can expect that Yoru's kit will be tweaked for the better with the upcoming v2.11 update.

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