Valorant Update 2.11 Patch Notes, Release Time And Everything We Know So Far

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Riot Games has just released the patch notes for Valorant's 2.11 update. You'll find them just below.

Original Story - The next major patch coming to Valorant is update 2.11.


Valorant fans have had to wait slightly longer for the games next significant update as Riot Games opted to skip the 2.10 update completely.

Despite this, we should have a meaty new update with plenty of changes and new content to enjoy too.

If you're keen to know more, read on, we'll tell you everything you need to know about Riot Games Valorant 2.11 Update, which is arriving this week.

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Latest News - What Time Is 2.11 Coming Out?

For the time being, Riot Games hasn't given fans a rough release schedule for the next big Valorant update.

But as many will know the next update, version 2.11, is coming on June 8th.

Based on the games previous updates we can make a guess, but this is by no means official.

With this in mind we expect to see Update 2.11 download be made available at around 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 BST. This is when Riot Games have typically released their updates in the past and when we expect to see update 2.11 arrive on June 8th.

With any luck, Riot Games will confirm release times in the coming hours, as we're coming up on 24 hours from launch.

Release Date

The next update will arrive on the 8th June 2021.


After the launch of Episode 2 Act 3, we saw a rough patch day for the devs where multiple bugs were experienced by players in the game.

Valorant is currently being played on patch 2.09 which brought the new map Breeze into the competitive map pool, Agent changes, and some game system updates for Tournament play.

Patch Size

The size of the patch is yet to be known, but expect it to be much bigger than the standard fortnight updates due to Valorant skipping a patch.

Valorant 2.11 Patch Notes


  • Added a Leaderboard search bar to help you find players by name


  • Replication is back as part of our modes rotation and will replace Escalation for now


  • Improved Client framerate by 1% on average for medium to high spec machines by optimizing abilities, equipment, and weapons in your inventory
  • Optimized Agent and Environment mesh clipping calculations


  • Fixed fonts for various regional languages to improve readability
  • Updated ping wheel and radio wheel to ignore non-movement inputs while the wheel is displayed
  • Fixed an animation issue with abnormal hand positions while equipping weapons



  • Fixed an issue where Reyna couldn’t sell then rebuy Dismiss ability during Buy Phase


  • Fixed a bug that was causing an infinite load symbol while viewing a friend’s career.
  • Fixed several Leaderboard UI bugs

The Future of Yoru and Breeze

After being disabled, Yoru was hotfixed on May 19, 2021, and is available for use again.

While Yoru's bugs have been quashed, the Breeze map that they were exploited on still remains out of rotation.

It sounds like Breeze will be getting some big changes, presumably so it can be re-added.