Valorant: Players Upset With Reyna Nerf

Riot's popular tactical shooter, Valorant has been undergoing some massive changes since the brand new Episode released this month.

Now, the brand new patch has released all over the world and it has been one of the most controversial patches yet.

With a number of changes set to come to the gameplay, agents, and weapons, there's a lot to take into consideration.

One change has upset a lot of players, and this comes with the nerf of agent Reyna.

Here's why players are upset. 



When the new patch initially released, fans of the agent took to Twitter to voice their concerns.

So much so that the word Reyna trended on Twitter for the majority of the day.

The reasoning behind this backlash from players is the fact that Riot heavily nerfed Reyna's abilities for unknown reasons.

Now, in order to get the full arsenal of abilities from Reyna; it is going to take a lot of eliminations. 

Riot has not commented on the backlash they have received since the update went live.

Perhaps later down the line, we will see some sort of adjustment in regards to how the agent is handled.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts about these changes. 


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