Valorant: New Double-Bind ADS Technique Gives Quick-Burst Accuracy For Weapons

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Valorant is currently in Episode 3 Act 1, with over a month to go before the next act begins. Recently, the developers introduced some new changes in the patch update which has affected the general gunplay in the game.

Popular content creator and esports caster G2 LotharHS highlighted this phenomenon in one of his videos. He showed how players can use the ADS (right-click) and the shoot button (left click) in a synchronized motion to get easy kills.


This trick currently works best on the Stinger and the Bulldog, two of the most underrated weapons in Valorant. However, once players master this trick, these two weapons become more accurate than Assault Rifles.

Riot Games have not officially addressed this issue yet, but experts believe that it will be patched soon. So if you're wondering how this mechanic works before it's removed from the game, then we got you covered.

Here's everything you need to know about the ADS exploit for Stinger and Bulldog in Valorant.

ADS Accuracy Mechanic

With the latest patch 3.0, Riot Games changed the economic system in Valorant. Weapons were repriced and some of them were reworked for better functionality.

The Stinger and the Bulldog got their prices decreased, and eventually got a higher pick rate from players during semi-buy/eco rounds. Both these weapons are not as efficient as the other weapons in their category.


However, both these weapons become relatively accurate when players aim down sights. This is where the ADS exploit comes in, and the process is simple enough to learn.

To implement this mechanic players would need to make some changes in Settings. Here's how to do it properly.

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Hold Instead Of Toggle

To activate this ADS exploit, players need to go to Settings and change their ADS option from toggle to hold. This allows players to hold down the right click and quick scope with weapons.

This mechanic is exceedingly efficient with Sniper Rifles like Marshall or Operator and has now become a game-breaking factor.

As soon as you change the settings, head over to the practice range and test it out. Players can do this by shooting the dummies, but do it in a synchronized quick right-click followed by a left-click.

Effectively, this opens the ADS for a split second which gives weapons like the Bulldog or Stinger an edge over other weapons. In fact, the Bulldog becomes ridiculously accurate with this technique and almost always guarantees a free kill.

This neat trick is quickly becoming the meta in ranked matches, and players are worried that this technique will soon become an accuracy exploit in Valorant.

One-Click Method

This same method can be used in a much more efficient way. However, players will need to change their equipment settings in-game for this to work properly.

Essentially, players need to change their keybind for Alternate fire and fire to right-click. For the primary fire add left-click in the second position. This will double-bind both the shoot button and the ADS button together.


Binding them together will allow the player to instantly beam the opponent with an accurate round of burst fire.

A good way to master this trick is to activate it in Deathmatch, and only use the Bulldog or the Stinger. Try to quick-peek corners and use the left click after positioning your crosshair at head level.

Is It Getting Patched Soon?

While there are no official announcements yet, but players can expect this exploit to be patched by the next update. Riot Games rarely keep a weapon exploit in-game that gives players an unfair advantage.

Some players are quite happy with this new mechanic, especially for these two guns as they are underused weapons.

Similarly, others are extremely dissatisfied as it gives these two weapons a clear advantage over other guns in their class.

Nevertheless, it is still unclear when this exploit will be fixed. As for now, players can try their best to learn the technique as it is clearly the new meta in Valorant.