Valorant Masters Day 4: Results, Scores, and More!

The fourth day of Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Reykjavik saw two more teams end their stint in Iceland, while the team from South Korea secured their spot for the upper bracket finals.

V1 vs NUTURN Gaming

The first matchup was the game to determine Sentinels’ opponent for the upper bracket finals. It was Version1 from North America and NUTURN Gaming from South Korea who faced each other, with the latter ending victorious.

But it wasn’t an easy way for NUTURN. They lost game 1 in Haven, and V1 closed out the game in a dominating fashion, 13-3. Yet the tables have turned when game 2 began in Ascent which was picked by NUTURN, scoring 15-13 in overtime.

The deciding game 3 was held in Split which favored NUTURN early after a 5-1 lead. But V1 took charge and came back to tie the game at 6-6. It seemed the Americans were on their way to win the whole match after winning five consecutive rounds and eventually reaching match point. But this was where the Koreans turned beasts and forced the game to go to overtime. NUTURN won the match 14-12, and the series with 2-1.

Fnatic vs X10 Esports

EU’s Fnatic will continue their journey in the lower bracket when they prevailed over Thailand’s X10 Esports, scoring 2-0 after winning the first two maps.

Game 1 showed how dominant Fnatic was in Icebox. They closed out the game 13-4. Game 2 followed in Haven which was X10’s pick, but the team from EU was just unstoppable and eventually finished with a score of 13-9, and an overall 2-0 in the series. X10 is now out of the competition due to their loss courtesy of Fnatic.

Team Liquid vs KRU Esports

Despite KRU Esports’ victory yesterday against YNG Sharks Esports, their momentum wasn’t enough to beat EU’s Team Liquid. The Europeans’ win also caused KRU to be eliminated from the tournament.

In game 1, Team Liquid dismantled KRU’s game plan and triumphed with a 13-2 scoreline. This happened even game 1’s map of Split was the latter’s pick. Game 2 was more of a closer fight compared to game 1, where KRU had a two-round lead when they approached the half. But still, it was Team Liquid who closed out the game, 13-9, eventually ending KRU’s VCT journey.

NUTURN will face the number one seeded Sentinels in the upper bracket finals, while Fnatic will go head-to-head against V1 in the lower bracket. This is the same as Team liquid who would take on Team Vikings tonight.

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