Valorant: How To Silently Plant The Spike

Agent Viper defusing the enemy teams spike in Valorant.

Agent Viper defusing the enemy teams spike in Valorant.

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter created by Riot Games. The game typically oversees two teams of five fighting against each other and trying to plant the spike on a site, or defend that site. The spike is a bomb and is the core component of each round, especially if your team is attacking.

Recently, a new way to plant the spike silently, as to not alert the other team, has been discovered. We've shared this below!

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How to Silently Plant the Spike

This exploit, showing players how to silently plant the spike, rose to fame over on the Valorant subreddit in a now-deleted post. This is unfortunate, however, a YouTuber named 3frosty has reposted and explained the exploit in a short video.

If done successfully, the Valorant exploit allows you to plant the spike without any audio cues being played. This means that enemy players will be less likely to notice the spike has been planted, and puts your team at a major advantage when attacking.

Essentially, all you have to do is hold your map key, typically bound to 'M' on your keyboard, while simultaneously planting the spike. Having your map open will cancel the spike-planting animation, but it will still plant the spike without making any noise or audio cues.

The video down below shows the exploit in action:

Exploit Patch, and How to Tactically Plant the Spike Instead

Unfortunately, since the time of publishing, this exploit has since been patched by Riot Games in the Valorant 2.02 update.

If you want to now plant the spike and catch the enemy team off guard, your best bet is simply being tactical about it. One of our favourite ways to do this is by rushing a site, then when all the enemy team are there, have one player rotate to the alternate site and plant. This is a great way of wasting the enemy team's time while also killing some of them off in the time that the teammate is rotating and planting the spike,

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This article was updated on 15th November 2021 by Kelsey Raynor. Contributions from Nick Farrell.

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