24 Feb 2021

Valorant: How To Silently Plant The Spike

Episode 2 Act 1 has now released all over the world and players are getting the opportunity to check out all the new skins and the brand new agent.

Yoru, is one of the best agents Valorant has ever introduced and is a lot of fun to play with.

One of the core aspects surrounding Valorant is planting the Spike.

A basic principle that the attacking team is attempting to perform each round.

Now, a new way to silently plant the Spike has been discovered by players.

Here's how to perform this!



This exploit rose to fame over on the Valorant Reddit in a now-deleted post by a deleted Reddit account.

While this is unfortunate, a YouTuber named 3frosty has posted the exploit in a short video.

Essentially, this exploit allows you to plant the spike without the audio cues being played; which is a major advantage.

All players have to do is hold your map key at the same time you are planting the Spike. 

This cancels the Spike planting animation, but still plants the Spike without making any noise.

Check out the video down below! 

We can assume this exploit will not last long, and Riot are sure to patch it within the next update!