VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3: How To Improve Aim In Deathmatch

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VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 is currently in its first week, and there are only a handful of game modes present in-game. Besides the regular ranked and unranked mode, there is Spike Rush, Deathmatch and Custom match in VALORANT.

Deathmatch, as the name goes, pits 14 players in a free-for-all environment with players spawning right after death. Over the last few months, VALORANT's Deathmatch has become ridiculously popular as players use this game mode to train their aim.

So, if you are interested in improving your aim in VALORANT, then Deathmatch is the mode to grind. Here are a few ways in which players can work on their aim, movement, and game sense while playing Deathmatch in VALORANT.

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VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3: Deathmatch Tips And Tricks

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 will last till the second week of January 2022. Players have a lot of time to rank up by simply training their aim regularly in-game. The prolonged time frame of a regular unranked match can be a hindrance for players - this is where Deathmatch solves the problem.

Deathmatch puts players in a position where they have to depend on sound cues and react with mechanical aiming skills to survive. The is absolutely no XP reward for winning a Deathmatch with the highest kills - the point of this mode is to train your game sense. Deathmatch is also a brief game mode, where the match ends as soon as one player gets 40 eliminations.

You can purchase new weapons anytime in a Deathmatch, and leave the game without incurring a penalty. Deathmatch is designed to be a warm-up game mode for players before jumping into ranked action. The agent selection is at random, and players do not get to use abilities in this game mode. Thus, one has to rely entirely on their aiming skills and mechanical reflexes to ace every Deathmatch in VALORANT.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your Deathmatch experience in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3:

Use Only Snipers In Deathmatch

Sniper rifles like the Operator and Marshall are known for their one-shot accuracy. Using these two weapons in Deathmatch allows players to hold angles and improve their reflexes. The Marshall is perhaps the easiest sniper rifle to master in VALORANT because of its one-shot-headshot capacity.

Players can practice all sorts of peeking techniques like quick-scoping, jump-scope, wide-swings - however, it is important to have a good crosshair placement while using these guns on the move.

Practice Movement Techniques

If you're not having a good-aim day, then movement is the key to surviving in VALORANT. The game allows players to bunny-hop across the map, and mastering this technique will only empower you to peek more often.

VALORANT is a game with peekers-advantage, where you can spot enemies by quickly jump-peeking. You can also escape from the enemy's line of sight by doing a 360-degree turn while moving. Practising these different techniques in Deathmatches will improve your overall movement in-game.

Sheriff Throughout The Match

The Sheriff pistol is an eco headshot machine in VALORANT. Practising with this weapon makes your aim crisp, and allows you to take that one decisive shot over a spray of random bullets. Use the Sheriff for fights across all ranges, and keep your crosshair placed at headshot level while pushing the map.

Practising these techniques in Deathmatch is bound to improve your game sense and aiming skills in VALORANT. Make sure to jump into ranked games only after completing the regular Deathmatch grind.

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