How Do You Beat the Valorant Battle Pass Fast?

The Valorant Battle Pass is far from an original feature in hero shooters but is something that gives fans more bang for their buck. Admittedly, this is a free-to-play game so you’re paying for more content but what matters is that the content should make you want to play more and the Battle Passes have done a decent job at doing that. Beating their challenges nets you some really nifty rewards, particularly, the Valorant Points, so it’s easy to see why some fans try to rush through them.

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How Do You Beat the Valorant Battle Pass Fast?

Beating a Valorant Battle Pass quickly isn’t easy since the Daily and Weekly Challenges can change at a moment’s notice, more the Daily than the Weekly. The Daily Challenges net you a neat 2000 VP while the Weekly Challengers can give you up to 12,000 VP. Plus, beating certain challenges or reaching certain milestones can net players some exclusive bonuses.

Since Daily Challengers change the next day, you should probably skip it if it’s too much and start working on the Weekly Challenge. You don’t have to complete the challenge right away but clearing out some of those obstacles to make that goal easier the next day is a solid objective to have every time you play. Daily Challengers really depend on your skills so if you think you can kill x amount of enemies with a specific character or weapon, go for it.

As mentioned earlier, even if you can’t complete certain challenges, you can always focus on another one later. We wouldn’t call it the “beauty” of the Battle Pass system, but at least it allows players to use what they specialize in and get some of that sweet VP. With a new agent coming next month, we’re sure that players will want to save up for that.

Valorant is now available on PC as a free-to-play title. The Battle Pass costs 1000 VP, which is worth $10.

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