Riot Are Working on FPS Improvements For Valorant

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In an Ask Valorant blog post, Valorant developers addressed some issues in the community and focused on what the team is doing to address FPS issues some players have been experiencing in-game.

Last month we heard from the development team, about their plans to skip patch 2.10 and use the time to update the game engine in patch 2.11.


These new comments from the team seem to be regarding different issues and will be addressed over the coming months separate from the changes coming in 2.11.

The team is currently focused on improving CPU performance by improving baseline performance, which we can expect updates over time, steadily resulting in higher framerate, and removing hitches, which will reduce FPS drops during intense moments.

Riot Are Working on FPS Improvements For Valorant

"FPS can seem unstable at times because of how rounds play out. Early parts of the round are spent gathering information and watching fights between a fewer number of players. Later in the round when players are attacking or retaking a site, we tend to see many bodies fighting each other and increased ability usage, all of which can decrease FPS." Performance Engineer, Brian Fischer says.

Different game modes can often result in varying FPS as a deathmatch game can put more of a heavy load on the computer as there is often more gameplay taking place over the map, compared to a standard 5v5 game.

The development team has also identified issues with Viper and Astra causing low FPS and will be working on optimizing their abilities in the coming patches.

Additionally, all Agents will be undergoing performance tests over the coming months, which should hopefully reduce the overall load during a match.


The developers want players to know that whether players are using the top-of-the-line hardware or the minimum requirements, they want the game to run smoothly for everyone.

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