Valorant Lore Video Hints at Why Two Agents Can Appear in the Same Game

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During the finals of the Valorant Champions Tour this weekend, Riot Games premiered a new lore cinematic which gave fans a small hint as to why there can be the same Agent on both teams.

Killjoy begins the cinematics by trying to defuse the spike which has been planted on the C bomb site on the Bind map. She is quickly joined by teammates Viper and Pheonix.

The team is attacked and Pheonix goes to chase the intruder, who after a small battle is revealed to be another Pheonix.

Valorant Lore Video Hints at Why Two Agents Can Appear in the Same Game

Viper comes in to save the confused Pheonix and they regroup on the C bombsite once more and help Killjoy defuse the Spike.

When the team is leaving Viper reports that they have been successful and will be returning home. Pheonix questions Viper on why they look identical, to which she replies she will talk to brimstone as it's time Pheonix is filled in.

Many of the other Agents seem to know why they look identical and why they are after the Radianite that is on their world.

Pheonix seems to be used as a gateway into filling the viewer in on the lore, and the way Viper leaves of saying "It's time we filled you in" feels like she is talking to the viewer, so we can hopefully expect some future lore videos to explain this world.

After the end title is shown there is a small bonus clip that shows the team assembles, followed by a quick clip of the world multiplying which indicated there is a parallel world, which explains the two versions of each character.

The two worlds shown in the video
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The two worlds shown in the video

The lights on each world are different which can indicate that the second world is "dying" leading to why they are invading and harvesting Radianite.

You can watch the full video below:

These cinematic videos don't come around very often so it may be some time before we get more information about the lore behind Valorant, however, players are definitely excited to dive deeper into this world.

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