Is Valorant Free To Play?

Buying the newest games can get quite costly over time.

For some, getting the latest titles isn't a reality, whether that be due to age or finances.

This is why we love free games, they make gaming accessible to anyone!

Well, you may be wondering whether Riot's FPS is free too...

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Is Valorant Free?

Valorant has a huge player base of players from all over the world.

It's possible its amount of users is due to the fact it's free.

At the moment players can only join in the fun with a PC

Valorant is free but there are a few aspects that will cost you.


Many free to play titles will contain microtransactions and Valorant is no different.

Most of the time this will be how developers make their money back when offering players a title for free.

Microtransactions will include things like characters, skins and more.

Some players may find it a little annoying to have to unlock characters but that's what helps the game to be free

None of the microtransactions will affect the way the game plays, aside from being able to play a different character.

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