Team Secret Qualifies for Valorant Champions 2021 Within Weeks of Announcing Official Roster

Credit: Image via Team Secret

Credit: Image via Team Secret

During the first week of September 2021, Team Secret released a teaser suggesting that the globally renowned esports organization will be arriving soon in Valorant. The teaser was timed with the release of Bren Esports' entire Valorant roster which led to multiple speculations about Team Secret signing the players.

This eventually did happen and was confirmed by the official Team Secret Twitter account on 9th September. Following this, the team set their eyes on qualification for the Valorant Champions 2021 championship scheduled for December.

Let's dive in and check out what the Valorant roster of Team Secret has managed to achieve in its first week.

Team Secret qualifies for Valorant Champions 2021

Within a week of announcing their roster, Team Secret have confirmed their position as the second team from SEA to qualify for Valorant Champions 2021. Some might argue that this qualification heavily depends upon the performance of the players during their time at Bren Esports and they would be correct.

The qualification for Team Secret is thanks to the circuit points accumulated by the players at Bren Esports. Given that Bren Esports secured first place at the VCT SEA Challenges Stage 3, the players were awarded 175 points for qualifying to Masters Berlin. Although the team never appeared for a single game at the event, they were provided with the allotted points for 13th-16th place finishes.

These points ensured that Team Secret finish the SEA Standings for Valorant esports' first season at second place and receive a direct invite for Valorant Champions 2021.

Having said that, it still remains to be seen how the team performs against the top-tier teams across the world.

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