Valorant 4.02 Update Patch Notes

Valorant remains one of the more popular PC shooters out there, so it's no surprise Riot Games are keeping it regularly patched. This time, they've released update 4.02, ironing out any bugs that have recently affected the game.

That follows on from the recent launch of Episode 4 Act 1, which introduced our newest Agent, Neon. Update 4.01 soon followed and evidently, that didn’t completely clear the problems affecting Valorant afterwards.

Offering numerous fixes, make sure to download these latest Valorant changes when you can. If you’re looking to know just what it contains, we’ve got the full patch notes below. For now, here’s everything you need to know about Valorant's 4.02 update.

Valorant 4.02 Update Patch Notes


  • Improved latency for Windowed Fullscreen mode to match closer to Fullscreen Exclusive
    • These improvements should play well with in-game overlays, however, having another program’s window on top of your gameplay window will negate these benefits.


  • AFK detection buff
    • Updated detections for non-participatory behavior in-game
  • Agent-select reporting
    • Looks like there’s been some confusion around Agent-select reporting. Remember, you can right-click players in pre-game and report them if they’re being disruptive!


  • Fixed a bug where the pulsing FX around the Spectrum Z logo were appearing next to the trigger during second inspect animation on the Bulldog.


  • Fixed issue where Killjoy’s Alarmbot and Turret were unretrievable after being resurrected by Sage.



  • Projectile Follow currently bugs out for Observer Followers
    • We’re working on a fix, but this one missed 4.02. We appreciate your patience!
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