Valheim Patch Notes 0.147.3: Dedicated Server Improvements, Bug Fixes and Balance Updates

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Valhiem has taken the PC gaming world by storm, shifting millions of copies within weeks.

The Viking survival title has been receiving a steady stream of updates, and the latest makes some interesting fixes while also making big changes to dedicated servers.

Aside from the "Bonemass puke-effect network fix" and a lower rate of "wolf procreation", there are plenty of fixes inbound.

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Valheim Patch Notes 0.147.3

As per Steam:

"Todays patch has some huge changes to dedicated servers. Dedicated servers now always use direct connections instead of using Steam Datagram Relay (SDR). This should result in much lower latency for most players."

"Private dedicated servers are enabled by adding "-public 0" to the server command line (See server manual PDF). You can only connect to private dedicated servers using the "Join IP"-button. I really hope this patch solves a lot of connection issues introduced in last weeks patches ( due to switching socket backend )."

"In addition to these dedicated-server fixes valve are also working on fixes to the SDR system (used when connecting to non-dedicated servers) and i believe there is already a beta-steam-client available that fixes some of these issues. Thanks everyone!!"

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