Valheim: How to Find and Join a Dedicated Server

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If you're exploring Valheim, learning how to join a dedicated server is an important thing to know! It'll let you explore a world with up to 9 other players, pool your skills together and work to take down bosses as a group. We'll show you here how to find and join a dedicated server, and what the limitations and advantages of it are!

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How to Find and Join a Dedicated Server in Valheim

Finding a dedicated server is the tricky part, typically set up between small groups of friends and with a player limit of ten, finding a group to join will prove tricky. If you are looking for a dedicated server to join, your best bet is going to be browsing the official Valheim Reddit page. You may find other players looking for people to join their server, or you could even ask if there’s space in any servers. 

  • Joining a dedicated server starts before you open Valheim. Before you start the game, head into Steam and click Steam - View - Servers at the top of your screen.
  • Add a new server to the favourite tab. This will enable you to save the server information, and use it each time you launch Valheim. 

  • For the server information, you will need the server IP address, which is a collection of numbers separated by full stops, and then you will need to add the port number which is four digits and should be: 2457. Check with the host beforehand though, as only they can change the port forwarding number. 

  • Launch Valheim and boot into the main menu. Bring up the Steam overlay (this defaults to Shift+Tab on most keyboards) and bring up the server page. Choose the server you just saved, and press connect.

  • Depending on the server you join, there may be a password you need to enter, so just make sure you’ve got the password from the person who set up the server before you try to join. 

  • That’s it, you’re in. It’s time to explore, Viking.

With the server saved in your favourites, it should be a simple process each time you boot up to play with your friends. 

Of course, this isn't a perfect system. If you can't find the dedicated server, check this page. Or if you want to create your own dedicated server, we've got that here!

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