Valheim: How to Farm Greydwarves Fast

The early access title Valheim continues to grow as the days go by.

Coffee Stain Publishing has announced that over 1 million copies have been sold.

The game has a lot of monsters within the game, and one of these is called Greydwarves.

These monsters can be used to obtain vital resources such as wood, resin, and other materials.

While there are certain spawn points of these monsters, there is a way to infinitely spawning these monsters.

Here's how! 



Over the course of the Valheim world, you will encounter these Greydwarf's quite often.

But, if you are looking to obtain a massive amount of these monsters then you will have to look around for an indefinite spawn point. 

These spawn points will trigger waves of monsters within the game, and it is a great chance to obtain materials and other forms of loot.

Players should lookout for a purple glow within the world, and this is where monsters will spawn countless amounts of times.

Just make sure you do not blow up the nest, as this will end the spawning of these creatures.

Be sure to let us know if you have encountered any of these spawn points within the game! 


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