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24 Feb 2021

Valheim: How To Increase FPS - Best Settings To Optimize Your Game

One of the biggest drivers behind Valheim’s recent success is the ability to explore a sprawling, procedurally-generated world with friends.

Teaming up with up to 9 other players, you can explore the world of Valheim and together take down Odin’s ancient rivals.

While this game is still in early access, there is a lot of players checking out the game for the first time.

Although the game does not feature the best graphics, some of you may be wondering how to get the best FPS possible.

Here are the best settings we can recommend for Valheim to increase your performance! 



There has been a new Reddit thread that has risen in popularity since Valheim released, that has identified a key setting that could increase your FPS by over 30!

This was posted by Reddit user u/RustyB3ans who posted their discovery here. 

Rusty has noted that there is a setting within the game files that can be adjusted, and doing so will drastically increase your FPS. 

Here is quick guide, along with some of the pictures Rusty has posted within the Reddit post: 

Image via RustyB3ans

  • Finds the boot config file via the address above highlighted in red
  • Right click the boot config and open with notepad
  • Type those two lines into the notepad
  • Save your changes and you are done

Rusty has noted that this setting is going to vastly improve your experience with the game, and recommend you try it out to see if this works for you as well!