Valheim Hearth and Home On Track to Release Soon

Iron Gate teased the Valheim Hearth and Home update in a short new blog post and confirmed its on track for release in the current quarter.

The dev team also shared some new images and, this time, there's no riddle to solve.

Hearth and Home introduces your very own Viking hoard complete with coin piles, coffers to store your excess coins, and iron gates to keep pesky thieves out.

Or to keep unwanted intruders in, since Iron Gate hinted at multiple uses for these grates.

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Valheim Hearth and Home On Track to Release Soon

As was the case with Among Us' popularity, Valheim turned into a much bigger hit than its developers anticipated. Hearth and Home has been in the works for a while as a result, so Iron Gate could work on fixing the game's bugs.

The post also mentioned Iron Gate hired three more people to join the team and help balance the workload.

There's plenty of work to be done as well. Iron Gate outlined an extensive roadmap with several updates earlier in the year and, so far, plans on adhering to the whole thing - just not all at once. The Valheim roadmap will roll out much later than first anticipated.

[Source: Steam]

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