Is Total Warhammer 3 Coming To PS4, PS5?

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Sega is planning to release the next Total War entry, Total Warhammer 3, later this 2021 on the PC. However, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are not among the confirmed platforms that'll get this game. Will Total Warhammer 3 be a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 title too?

PC Only So Far

Currently, Total Warhammer 3 is only confirmed for PC as of the moment. The online stores that'll have the game digitally will be Steam and Epic Games Store. Both stores does have it available for pre-orders and no extra DLC content uniquely from buying it from certain stores.


Meanwhile, PlayStation Store has some Warhammer titles available but none of them are Total Warhammer 3. The PlayStation Warhammer titles are mostly hack and slash adventure games which is far from the gameplay of the Total War series.

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Real Time Strategy On Console Is Rare

For the longest time, the Sony PlayStation platform has been known for many titles that emphasizes action-packed gameplay where players are actively controlling their character in battle. Real-Time Strategy titles where players gather resources, build forces, command armies and strategize efficient ways to take down their enemies are a rare title to see on the platform.


The closest titles to Real-Time Strategy platform are turn-based strategy RPG titles such as Persona 5, Valkyria Chronicles, and some Disgaea. One of the most notable strategy games releases on PlayStation 4 is Civilization 6 from Firaxis.

Wait It Out

As of writing, Total Warhammer 3's release window is confirmed but the specific date is yet to be pinned down. Fans who want to see Total Warhammer 3 on the PlayStation platform still have some time to wait before the release. Before the release, Sega could announce a console release for this game which could definitely surprise not only Total War, Warhammer, and PlayStation fans but the whole of the video game industry.

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