Tomb Raider Reboot Prototype Shown for Series’ 25th Anniversary, New Game Teased

Square Enix has revealedsome never-before-seen footage of the Tomb Raider 2013 reboot in its early stages. Originally, that was planned as a survival-horror game.

Posting a video as part of the series' 25th anniversary, Square Enix confirmed the game was first called Tomb Raider: Ascension. Some shots from the game were seen, including Lara being stuck in a cave with flood, forest scenes with some horror elements, and more.

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Tomb Raider Reboot Prototype Showed By Square Enix As Part Of The Series' 25th Anniversary

Part of the video was explained as: "After narrowing in on the concept of a survival story on a remote island, (Crystal Dynamics) began developing what was internally called Tomb Raider: Ascension." It also highlighted that the game "felt closer to a horror game than a Tomb Raider title."

Monsters hanging on the ceiling were seen in some parts, while Lara chased some witches and tried to kill them. Another clip showcasing the supposed title's box art was shown, telling the story of how this went onto become an "exploratory" project for Tomb Raider's reboot.

But Lara Croft's birthday doesn't stop there, as Square Enix might also be producing a celebratory game. The Square Enix website lists the feature as 'Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary'. Details about the episode remain minimal, but the exact same title did make an appearance in the Nvidia GeForce Leak. We'll keep you informed on any developments.

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