Timberborn: How To Access High Terrain

In Timberborn, players need to expand their settlement for continued growth, and that includes reaching high terrain. However, climbing is a challenge as beavers cannot handle it on their own.

Players will need to find or create stairs to help them move around, so here's what you need to do.

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How To Help Beavers Climb Up

Even with paths, beavers can only move on the same platform they're currently standing on. Beavers refuse to climb up a platform or fall down a ledge if they meet it. To help them move around, players must secure some stairs as a unique path to traverse elevation.

How To Find Natural Stairs

Fortunately, Timberborn has natural-made stairs called Slopes. These structures are stairs made out of rock and can be used for free, providing a path is built towards it and hasn't flooded. Use these structures as necessary to reach higher elevation and secure more space for your beavers to build, expand, and acquire resources in any area it leads.

Timberborn: How To Climb High
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Timberborn Wooden Stairs

How To Make Artificial Stairs

Slopes aren't always available for most areas in Timberborn. To let beavers to climb up and down anywhere, players must unlock the Wooden Stairs structure, which need 70 Science Points and are obtained from an Inventor building.

Once the Wooden Stairs technology is researched, Wooden Stairs require 1 log and 4 planks to build. Add a path to these stairs and it can be used as often as needed.

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