Timberborn: How to Build Dams

One of the central structures in preserving your beaver cities in Timberborn is a Dam. Players will need to carefully create them to control the flow of water, breathing life into their cities.

However, players will need to manage water levels to not doom their cities in a flood. Here's what you need to do.

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How To Make A Dam

To make a dam, players require 20 logs and a 1x1x1 space. Alongside controlling the flow of water, dams also allow other structures to be built on top of it.

This structure is available from the beginning, but players must plan out building dams to redirect water that'll help their cities thrive.

Why Make Dams

Water is an important resource in Timberborn, necessary to sustain life and survive a drought in the game. However, some rivers often flow out of the way of your cities. Players must tactically use Dams to redirect water toward their cities, which is one of the game's main charms.

How To Maintain Dams And Water Levels

However, some rivers can overflow and will flood the nearby plains that it reaches. If it reaches your buildings, that can doom your cities. Players must redirect water before it reaches critical water levels. Players can use other structures, such as levees, to create other routes of water flow to send water elsewhere.

Alternatively, players can use dams to force rivers to overflow and create an artificial lake. These lakes can become a reliable water source during droughts. In Timberborn, players must get crafty with managing water to ensure the survival of their beavers.

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