The Witcher 3 Mod Made To Honor The Death Of Beserk Manga Author Kentaro Miura

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A recent tribute is a mod adding the Berserk protagonist Guts in CD Projekt Red's open-world fantasy title, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Kentaro Miura, the author of the Berserk manga series, died earlier this month, and the online response was overwhelming. As a 30-year-old series, Berserk influenced many video games and dark fantasy media, leading to many tributes being made all over the Internet.


According to Dark Side of Gaming (DSOGaming), Polish Nexus Mods user hub997 uploaded a Berserk Guts skin mod for The Witcher 3 on May 26. Guts has been modded into The Witcher 3 before, but this version is specifically an aesthetic change. When worn with Gryphon Pants and a specific sword, this replaces the Level 1 Gryphon Armor, letting Geralt of Rivia become Guts.

Mods are always welcome in The Witcher

It is no secret that The Witcher 3 has long been a haven for modders of all types. Mods made for The Witcher 3 have improved graphics over the previous installment, while others added extra weapons and characters or have replaced existing ones. One notable mod allowed players to look like Henry Cavill in his portrayal of Geralt in The Witcher Netflix series.

Download the Beserk Guts mod here.


The acclaimed game by CD Projekt Red is not the first time Berserk has been featured. Its fandom has also spawned real-life projects, such as a custom Game Boy featuring Berserk artwork. However, the death of Miura will almost certainly continue to draw tributes like this mod uploaded by hub997.

8:00 PM on May 19, Berserk's Twitter account officially announced the death of Miura. PT and vigils appeared in games like Final Fantasy 14 almost immediately. Despite its many anime adaptations over the years, Miura did not complete the manga's story before his death. Even so, its long-running narrative left a lasting impression on many fans.