The Witcher Board Game adds more stretch goals after exceeding $3M on Kickstarter

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The fact that there is still a market for board games, especially a game about The Witcher, is not surprising. There are still many people playing Dungeons & Dragons, and many new board game companies are created every year that do well. Board games, like The Witcher Old World, still have a strong market today.

In addition to the video game series, The Witcher has also been featured on Netflix and in pop culture. CD Projekt Red, the Witcher video game series developer, has leveraged its name by partnering with many companies, such as smartwatch manufacturers. Go On Board recently signed a deal with the RPG giant to develop a board game based on its universe.


The Witcher: Old World Kickstarter may reach 10 million before it's over

Go On Board announced a crowdfunding campaign for a board game based on The Witcher universe in February. It is called The Witcher: Old World, and it was recently funded on Kickstarter. By many millions, the Witcher board game funding campaign has already exceeded its original goal.

When we first covered this game, it had reached over $2 million in its first nine hours. In the remaining 14 days, many expect the board game to make $10 million. Precisely for this reason, many people hope for a successful Kickstarter campaign. It is possible to create beautiful results with the right idea and enough coverage.

All together, the company has now added:

  • Real metal coins
  • Advanced cards
  • More monsters
  • Advanced cards
  • Mounts
  • Bombs
  • Expansion stories
  • New Characters
  • So much more to be added and they are using comments to think them up.

The Witcher lore was meant to be expanded upon

The fans of this world will undoubtedly spend a lot of money to learn more about it. It's no secret that The Witcher's world is very well thought out. You cannot simply kill monsters without studying them and their habits in The Witcher 3. Just as much research needs to be done on the rest of the world, with its politics, potions, and culture.

One of the Stretch Goals for The Witcher: Old World.
The company is adding more and more to the game

The game takes place several years before Geralt's story, but that could change with stretch goals. Formerly, the company's budgets limited its imagination, but now it isn't constrained by monetary concerns. With just $3 million, Go On Board can expand the game four times over.

It is no doubt that CD Projekt Red has noticed how popular the board game is and may even be able to help with its creation. It's just a guess, but with the game expanding as the budget increases, the creators may need more lore to add to the game, which only The Witcher developers can provide.

Click here to go to the Kickstarter page. There are currently still incentives for anyone who wants to gain something for their help in making the game come true. If the board game reaches a high enough donation amount, there will be custom dice, figures, and even more features and added story. The Witcher: Old World has no scheduled release date, so they have time AND money.