The Witcher 3 Detail No One Noticed For Six Years Discovered By Fan

The Witcher 3 was released six years ago, and fans have replayed it multiple times. When thinking of things that fans may have missed, you’d think of Easter eggs or developers making jokes. Yet, everyone has missed something that happened in front of them at least a thousand times per playthrough.

Axii is one of the signs that Witchers know well, and it’s used to influence someone’s mind. Players use it during conversation and sometimes while fighting, but it’s something that isn’t forgotten about. Still, while observing closely, a fan noticed that CD Projekt Red put more detail into Axii than other signs.

A fan discovers The Witcher 3 detail six years later

In The Witcher, signs are basically magic, but for those who aren’t witches. These use a limited amount of magic and only take practice to perfect. There is Quen, Igni, Aard, Axii, and Yrden, and each has its use in and out of combat.

Axii can be used in dialogue, which gives players a chance to see the sign up close. When using the Axii sign while in dialogue, something is revealed about it, that isn’t normally noticed during combat. I have put a gif below; see if you can figure it out before I reveal it:

gif of The Witcher 3
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Hint: Look at his hand

Reddit user u/Iridonia pointed out a fun detail about Axii that makes the sign really special. While casting Axii, Geralt is actually using International Sign Language to cast the sign. This is the sign language used in Poland, where The Witcher developer CD Projekt Red is based.

Geralt performs the sign language correctly, even holding the ending letters as he should. It’s nice to know how much detail CD Projekt Red put into The Witcher 3. It makes many wonder if this is the case for other signs.

If it is, then it would explain why Yrden always takes so long to cast.

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