The Ascent: Can You Sprint?

You'll be exploring The Ascent's large map while playing, made up of winding streets and alleys, as well as water-logged underground sectors. You'll likely want to know if you can sprint, to speed up mobility and travel. Here's what you need to know, as well as some tips for speeding up your character.

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The Ascent: Can You Sprint?

Unfortunately, you cannot sprint in The Ascent. There is no dedicated sprint button, and no way to increase your jogging/walking speed. It's possible that this might be patched in later on, but for now you'll need to rely on the Metro Stations to get around faster.

An enemy holds a minigun in The Ascent
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How to Speed Up Your Character

While there is no way to increase movement speed per se, you can assign your skill points into the Evasion section. This will allow you to evade roll more often, which can help you get around faster.

That's whether or not you can sprint in The Ascent. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on getting a melee attack. Once you're done there you'll want to see how Crossplay works.

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