Tekken 7 Season 4 DLC: Release Date, Characters, DLC 18, Moves, Stages and Everything We Know

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Tekken 7 may have come to consoles in 2017, but the King of the Iron Fist shows no signs of slowing down. Having added three seasons of DLC, a fourth season has been announced.

Here's all we know.

What Is Tekken 7 Season 4?

Season 4, judging by previous seasons, will offer fresh characters, stages and more as part of a set of four smaller DLC drops.

We've had the return of classic characters like Ganryu, Anna and Lei in seasons past, but we've also seen the likes of Final Fantasy 15's Noctis and The Walking Dead's Negan introduced.

It's not just new characters, though: new moves have been promised for every character,  as well as balance tweaks and updates to the game's online system (which is already pretty robust).


Leaks And Rumours

The first character to be revealed was female ninja Kunimitsu, who can be seen at the end of the teaser trailer at the bottom of this page - and we've now had her confirmed.

As for the next addition, the Polish prime Minister (in-universe, of course) is joining. Lidia Sobieska will arrive on March 23rd.

This female fighter was teased with a new video – and is expected to land in Spring of 2021.

Release Date

The season kicked off with Kunimitsu on November 10, but Lidia arrives on March 23rd.

Confirmed Platforms

The content will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Here's a look at the teaser.


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