PS5 DualSense Nova Pink And Starlight Blue Pre-Orders Now LIVE

A new series of DualSense controller colourways were announced last year, and it looks like pre-orders are live.

Here's everything you need to know from where to pre-order, how much they cost, and any updates on availability so you can bag one of these controllers as soon as possible.

DualSense Nova Pink Pre-Orders

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Credit: Sony

The Nova Pink colourway is bound to be a big hit with gamers looking to match up to their gamepad with some colourful setups.

The DualSense Nova Pink is currently priced at $74.99 / £64.99 on Amazon, with Sony Direct having it listed as $64.99.

On Amazon, it is listed as releasing on January 28 2022, while in the UK the current release date listed is January 14.

We'll update these links when we see more pre-orders go live.

DualSense Starlight Blue Pre-Orders

Dualsense starlight blue
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Credit: Sony

The Starlight Blue offers yet another punchy colour option for those looking to inject some life into their current setups.

Like the Nova Pink, this is currently priced at $74.99 / £64.99 and is slated for release on January 28 in the US and January 14 in the UK, according to the Amazon listing.

As usual, we'll update these links with more options as we get them.

DualSense Galactic Purple Pre-Orders

dualsense galactic purple
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Credit: Sony

The folks at Gfinity loved this colour option, but it's not available to pre-order just yet.

You can find the Galactic Purple DualSense at Sony Direct, where it is priced at $64.99 and marked as available on January 14th.

We'll update this section when the controller goes live.

What Other DualSense Colours Are There?

You can still bag the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red DualSense controllers, which we think look brilliant.

Plus, there are now official faceplates to match, which are well worth checking out if you've already snagged one of these controllers.

If you're looking for a new PS5 controller, you may want to also check out our top PS5 controller picks here, which now includes the first third-party pro-controller for PS5.

We'll be back with you soon with more updates, so stay tuned.

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