Official PS5 Faceplates: Where To Buy, Price, And More

Alongside the recent announcement of three new DualSense colours coming in 2022, it looks like we're getting some awesome official PS5 faceplates to match.

The new faceplates will allow you to bring a personal touch to your setup, and we're here to give you the rundown of exactly what is available, where you can pre-order, prices and more.

Here's everything we know so far!

Where Can You Pre-order The Official PS5 Faceplates?

Unlike with most products, pre-orders for the new PS5 faceplates are taking a slightly different approach.

The pre-orders seem to be starting on PlayStation Direct, with the covers reportedly being available at other retailers at the start of February.

As of right now, we checked the PlayStation Direct website and saw that two out of five colours are available to add to the cart and pre-order.

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Cosmic Red and Midnight Black covers for PS5 and PS5 Digital are the lucky two, however, those looking for Galactic Purple, Blue Starlight, and Nova Pink may have to wait a little longer.

We expect PlayStation Direct to be flooded with traffic for all the new official faceplates, so stay on high alert come January when they're slated for release.

When Will Pre-orders For The Other PS5 Faceplate Colours Be?

While two of the new DualSense colours are already available for pre-order, we don't know just yet when the other faceplates will get their time to shine.

We know when they will be released, thanks to an announcement from PlayStation, however, this will vary from region to region.

On the PlayStation Direct website, they state that the faceplates will be available there first from 21 January 2022, with a general release going on sale from 18 February 2022.

What Colours Are Available?

The new PS5 covers will allow you to swap out the default white faceplates that come with the Disc and Digital editions of the console and change the colour.

For those that like to add a bit of personal touch to their gaming setup, there will be five new colour options available, to match each of the alternative DualSense controllers.

The colours continue the galaxy theme with Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Nova pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic purple available.

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Credit: Sony

Sony has stated that the console covers will be available for both the Disc and Digital Editions of the console.

They have also made clear that these covers will be additional purchases to the console and separate from the new controllers.

How Much Will The Official PS5 Faceplates Cost?

The PS5 Cosmic Red and Midnight Black faceplates are currently listed at £44.99/ $54.99
on PlayStation Direct, however, the prices for the other colours are not yet stated.

We'd imagine that the other colours may be more expensive, but that may well not matter if we can't get our hands on one!

We'll be keeping you updated over at Gfinity Deals, so be sure to give us a follow.

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