Acer Predator CG48 Monitor: Release Date, Specs, Price And More

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The Acer Predator CG48 is heading our way after its unveiling at CES 2022, and if you're anything like us, you'll want to know a release date asap.

Here's everything we know so far, plus, what to expect when it arrives.

Acer Predator CG48 Release Date

There is currently no confirmed release date for the Acer Predator CG48, although it is expected to arrive later this year, sometime in Q3, according to this post on the Acer website.

We'll be sure to keep you in the loop as soon as a specific release date is announced.

While the release date is yet to be announced, we do know a thing or two about what specs we're getting.

Acer Predator CG48 Specs

Acer Predator CG48
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Credit: Acer
Acer Predator CG48

Acer boasts that this monitor is "big enough to be a TV replacement" and we think it is definitely one to look out for if you like gaming on a larger screen.

One of the standout features of the upcoming Acer Predator CG48 is the OLED screen.

Unlike, LED and IPS displays, more commonly found on monitors, OLED screens don't require a backlight as each individual pixel is self-illuminating.

This results in greater contrast, allowing for deeper blacks as individual pixels can switch off, which should help create a more vivid and immersive atmosphere while gaming.

This is evident in the Acer Predator CG48's whopping 135K:1 contrast ratio.

The Acer Predator CG48 also features a UHD resolution and offers HDMI 2.1 support, allowing you to play games at 120Hz in stunning 4K.

Not only can you game at 4K and 120Hz, but this monitor will also include cutting-edge features such as AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and boasts a staggeringly low 0.3ms response time.

A serious one to consider for next-gen gaming on the PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Acer Predator CG48 Price

Thanks to the huge 48-inch 4K OLED display, and up to 138Hz refresh rate, it's no surprise that the Acer Predator CG48 will set you back a fair chunk of change.

The monitor is set to come in at $2,499 in the US, around €2,199 in Europe and ¥14,999 in China.

Is OLED Good For Gaming?

OLED TVs first took to the scene back in 2019 and now we're seeing this technology used to create some of the best gaming monitors too.

One of the benefits of OLED panel types over traditional LEDs is that they can change states incredibly quickly.

Because of this OLEDs have the potential to offer faster response times and higher refresh rates than other panel types as each individual pixel can change almost instantaneously.

As mentioned earlier, OLED displays can also offer greater contrast which could allow for deeper immersion while gaming.

We're seeing more and more incredible OLED monitors heading our way and there's good reason for it.

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