Super Smash Bros Ultimate Min Min Arms Fighter DLC: Release Date, Moveset, Combos Guide, Skins And More

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate has introduced the first fighter Min Min, as part of the Fighters Pass Vol. 2, from the popular Switch game Arms.

Mr Sakurai presented this new fighter in an official reveal on the 22nd June as we get set to introduce more fighters to the popular fighting game.

Arms Fighter Release Date

Min Min is available June 29th for $5.99 and is the first fighter of six involved in the fighter's pass vol 2.

Fighter Pack 6 Content & Mii Fighters Costumes Round #6

The new fighters pack will include Min Min, a new stage called 'Spring Stadium' and 18 soundtracks.

As usual, a new fighter pack means new Mii Fighter costumes including crossovers with:

  • Arms
  • Tekken
  • Splatoon
  • Vault Boy (Fallout)


Arms Fighter Moveset, Combos And Guide

Core Features

Min Min features spring-like arms controlled by different button inputs, meaning she can pull of executed combos at distance.

With such range, it means that Min Min is unaffected by counter-attacks. However, she's very weak to brawlers that get close to her and struggles against aerial fighters; due to her moves being relatively static.

When an attack is shielded, it leaves her vulnerable and open for damage. Keeping your distance is the best way to play.

A+B Attacks

The A button controls her left arm, while the B button controls her right arm. Holding down either button will execute this attack.

When you tap the A button, however, she will perform a kick which can be combined into a flurry of kicks.

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What's unique about Min Min is that she can move around and use tilt attacks, due to her arms extending.

She can also bend her arms, when extended, curving them up or down.

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Down + B Special

When Min Min uses her Down + B special, she will change her right arm - this will give her a number of arm changes:

  • RamRam - when you attack the ring is released, extending the attack range and has the capability to move up and down a lot. This attack is fast, but the damage is low.
  • Megawatt - the megawatt has a short-range and is not very flexible, but does a lot of damage if it connects. If it's fully charged, it can even fully KO at 40%.
  • Dragon - the left arm already has one, but you can dual wield this arm. This arm has straightforward features and is seen as an in-between. If you hold down the button, a laster will shoot out. You can fire this in different directions simultaneously.


It's important to remember that the left arm Dragon is more powerful than the right.

All of these can be used in neutral, causing her arm to swing around in a circle, but will be executed at different speeds. Only one arm can be used at a time.

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Up Tilt And Up Smash Attack

Min Min's Up Tilt and Up Smash attack will execute a similar result.

Her Up Tilt produces a wheel kick, which her Up Smash produces a somersault kick.

The somersault kick has the power to reflect attacks, such as projectiles.

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Dash And Down Tilt Attack

When dashing at an opponent, Min Min will leap into a jump kick.

Whilst using a down tilt, Min Min will execute a baseball slide kick.

Down Tilts can be an effective way to engage with an opponent and set them up for a juggle with up tilt. It's a very strong move and a great alternative when an opponent is to close to use her arms.


Down Smash

Her down smash will cause her to do a split kick, enabling her to attack from the front and behind. However, she will be exposed if she misses for a period of time while she returns to a neutral stance.

Up And Down Attack

The up air attack will cause Min Min to execute a mid-air somersault kick.

Her down attack will send her plummeting to the ground, at an angle, dealing great damage if its connects.

Up Special

Min Min's up special is called Arms Jump, which will shoot her up into the sky.

The angle at which this is done can be changed and the longer it is held, the further she will jump.

While it provides limited offensive uses, it's a very strong tool for escaping a sticky situation; especially as it has a few frames of invincibility when rising.

If it's used in the air, it will be an arm hook and makes for a great way to extend your range and prevent players from landing.

Final Smash

Min Min's Final Smash is called Arm's Rush, summoning her friends from the popular game to help attack her opponents.

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